Hiking from Deisenhofen to Schäftlarn

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MUC Von Deisenhofen nach Schaeftlarn
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With another week over, we can focus on another hike close to Munich. This hike is a little bit shorter than the last one I talked about on this blog. However, it also lacks the option for an easy shortcut to the tour. So I would recommend you only embark on this journey if you are sure to complete the distance. With that said, the hike itself is very manageable, with minimal elevation changes, and well-maintained paths all the way.

But let me talk about the start of the tour first. From Munich city centre it is a short trip by train out to the stop in Deisenhofen. Here we disembark, and start to follow a road and pedestrian path parallel to the train tracks. Right from the start, you will find sings, in the form of green arrows, pointing the way toward our hiking trail. After a short while, we reach a small road called the Stefanienstraße to our right. Following this road, all the way to its end will lead us to a gravel road, leading down into the Gleißental.

In the Gleißental

There is nothing but to follow the track at the bottom of this valley for the next eight kilometres. But there is still plenty to discover. Right after you first descent into the valley, there is an opening to your left. This path will lead to a former quarry. It is long abandoned and now somewhat overgrown it has the air of enchantment upon it. You could somewhat imagine the witches of the forest convening here overnight around a blazing fire. And if you are hiking this tour with children, it would be a good story to tell for sure. Should the weather be a little warmer, the sheer rock would also provide an excellent boulder location. Continuing, through the narrow valley, we might spot the tracks of deer and wild boars in the snow. And there are plenty of small ponds, at this time of the year all frozen over, but still worth a short break, as their black moor water leads to almost yellow coloured ice. After about four kilometres, close to the village Ödenpullach, we will have to cross the first road. Here a little caution is advised, as you are on the lowest point of a steep and curvy road, and cars coming down from both sides will spot you very late.

The frozen Deiniger Weiher

After crossing the road, it is another four kilometres through the forest. The path is now slightly wilder, with tree roots protruding from its surface at multiple places, but the going is still good. It will take a while, but when the ponds next to our path get bigger and almost turn into a little creek, it is a sure sign that we are closing in on our first destination. Another road needs crossing, but afterwards, we have reached the northern end of the Deininger Weiher. Here we can take a short break, look over the frozen lake, and even buy some snacks at the local restaurant. They offer, per the Covid-Rules, only to go, but having something warm in your belly is still a good feeling after that effort. This spot also roughly is our halfway mark, so soon after we shoulder our backpacks again and continue hiking.

Close by the Deininger Weiher

We follow for a while along the lake’s western shore, with multiple good viewpoints over the lake, and the moor at its southern end. Now we turn into the forest, walk a little distance on an asphalted road until the town Deining comes into our sights. Shortly before reaching the village, we turn left on an agricultural service road, which leads us around the town for quite a while, until we finally enter it directly next to its church. Here would also be about the only opportunity to cut the tour short, as about every hour a bus travels from this town to Munich. However, I would only count this as an emergency option, as there is potentially a lot of waiting in the cold involved.

The approch into Deining

After using a traffic light to cross the road, there is the first short ascent of the tour waiting. Here we also have an excellent viewpoint waiting for us. With the weather good enough, we could see the Alps from here, but even if that is not the case, we can still enjoy the view of the snow-glazed hills around Deining. From here on out it is another hike on small gravel roads, past multiple farms until we reach the Schindergraben, a steep forest road, leading us down toward the river Isar. Once down in the valley, we cross over the same bridge used during our last tour and arrive at the Kloster Schäftlarn. And from here it is only a short climb up until the bank until we arrive at the train station.

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