Winter Hike Towards The Grindelalmschneid

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BVA Grindelalmschneid
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The hike from Schliersee to Grindelalmschneid is a short, leisurely winter tour in the Bavarian Prealps that can be easily reached by public transport. I did this tour myself with my parents shortly after the New Year. And even though I've always had somewhat larger projects to report in the last few weeks, I didn't want to withhold this tip for you.

The tour from Munich can be reached wonderfully and environmentally friendly with the Bavarian regional trains. These originate once every hour from the central train station to Schliersee and, especially on busy weekends, get to their destination faster than most drivers. From the train station, our hike first leads through the city in the direction of the Hennererhof.

Depending on how early we are, we can take a short break and watch the Munich motorists' ballet with great interest. They are trying desperately to squeeze into the last gap in the overcrowded hiking car park. Depending on the snow and weather conditions, we can also put on our Grödeln here at the parking lot. There were fresh, grippy snowflakes on all the paths on my tour, which is why the irons were not necessary for me. But since our hike's descent continues along the mountain's southern slopes, the route can be very icy under certain circumstances. Except after heavy fresh snow, snowshoes are probably overkill for this tour. The path is so frequented that there is always a footprint made of solid, load-bearing snow.

The viewpoint in the forest

After these considerations at the parking lot, it is finally time to start the hike's strenuous part. Even if it is not that demanding. The forest road, which we now follow for 2.3 kilometres, initially climbs only gently uphill. Only when another street joins ours from the left does the gradient increase, and we finally work up a little sweat. We pass another forest road coming from the left. A short time later, it is now the road below us, which starts in a hairpin curve to the right and marks the wide path's end. From here, the trail becomes significantly narrower. But the increase is now a little less. About five hundred meters behind the hairpin bend, we reach a bare place in the dense forest landscape. From here, in good weather, we have a beautiful view down to the Hennerer Hof and even further to Schliersee. But even on foggy-grey days like ours, it is worth stopping for a photo.

From this vantage point, it is about a kilometre before we reach the Kreuzbergalm. And at the said cross you can also take a short break. We are also not far away from having made the first half of our tour. But if you only want to have a snack after half the work, you can continue running straight away. From the Kreuzbergalm it is initially short and steep downhill, but immediately afterwards uphill again. Here we now have to follow a small path along the edge of the forest. This takes us slowly but surely up to the Grindelalmschneid with well-maintained steps made of wood and roots.

Through thick fog along the Grindelalmschneid

If you haven't had a snack so far, this is your last chance before the descent. This first takes us downhill briefly to the Grindelalm itself, where we now take the possibly icy forest road mentioned at the beginning back towards Hennerer Hof and Schliersee. However, if you want to extend the tour a little longer, you can continue over the Auer and Reiner Berg to the Huberspitze and descend from there to Schliersee.

Back at our destination in Schliersee, we can stock up on another small snack in the Hennerer Hof before taking the train back to Munich.

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