Transalpine Trailer

You can see a preview here for the upcoming videos dealing with our transalpine mountain bike tour.

Transalp Episode 1

A much longer and more detailed video about the first section of our Transalp, from Lenggries to Mittenwald. More Videos like this will release on a weekly basis.

Transalp Episode 2

The second video, covering our trip over the Alps. In this episode you can see two stages, bringing us from Mittenwald to Vent in the Öez Valley.

Transalp Episode 3

Here we talk about how we got from Vent to the famed Passo Stelvio. Let me just say, it was not the easiest stage of our tour.

Transalp Episode 4

The fourth episode. There are plenty of downhill trails in this one, as we descended two times from the Passo Stelvio.

Transalp Episode 5

Last Episode concerning our Transalpine Mountain Bike tour. In this video, we finally reach the Lago di Garda.

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