I'm Niklas Kääb,

kayaker, climber avid cyclist and fan of nature in general. I earn my money as a member of the crew of AIDA Cruises and spend it mostly on trips throughout Europe and all over the world.

My professional experience includes:

  • A winter as Ski-Instructor in the German Alps

  • Two summers as a Canoe-Guide in Swedish and Finish-Lappland

  • Three years as a Biking-Guide with AIDACruises

  • Nowadays I am the leader of the Biking-Crew as Activities Manager. 

  • Certified Rescuer for High Rope Courses / Adventure Parks

  • Certified to train Rescuers for High Rope Courses / Adventure Parks organized within the  IAPA

  • Certified to conduct the quarterly technical inspection of High Rope Courses / Adventure Parks

  • Certified to carry out the annual inspection of climbing gear according to German law.

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